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More than just a Predictive Dialer.

hosted dialer

Simple & Easy Dialer

You need a Predictive Dialer so you can start contacting your leads right now. You don’t need to spend time trying to learn confusing settings and impossible algorithms, just start calling your leads now! Our Predictive Dialer couldn’t be easier to use. Create campaigns, upload your leads and start calling them with ease, right away!

Less Time, More Sales

You don’t have time to repeat yourself over and over again when you get an answering machine and now, you don’t have to. Record your message once, and then tell the dialer to leave a message for you when you get an answering machine.

You’re in Charge

Never wonder what is happening with your leads again. Run reports when you want and how you want to. Call back the leads or customers that you want to call back, when you want to call them back. With Hosted Dialer, you are in charge of how our tools can help your business grow.

Start converting leads into customers today!