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Scheduling Callbacks


Follow Up

Scheduling callbacks is simply the most important aspect of some industries. But what if your contact doesn’t give you a specific time?

Odds are, you will have the best chance of reaching them at the same time you were able to reach them this time, so you can simply disposition the call as a scheduled callback tomorrow, next week or month, and the dialer will set it for the same time of day that you are talking to the contact now.

Be More Specific

Other contacts may be very clear as to when they want you to call them back.

No problem, when your scheduling callbacks, you can select a definite date and time, even to the exact minute.

So go ahead and schedule a call back on November 5th at 1:21 pm if you like.

You will then be reminded by the Predictive Dialer to call them back when you log in on November 5th.


scheduling callbacks has never been easier.

See how scheduling callbacks can help!