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Professional Services

In today’s market, professional services need to keep up with one another, and the more tools a business has, the better the chances are of success.

Tools that Hosted Dialer offers to you, like the ability to record and download all of your calls, lead management tools that allow you to view everything that happens with your leads. From when they were uploaded, called, who spoke to them, notes left by the agent, what emails were sent and the outcome of the calls made. These things make our dialer, the perfect dialer for professional services.


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Easy Reports

See whats happening in your campaigns anytime. See which campaign is more effective, how many leads you have reached, which leads you need to call back and more.

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Record Everything

Protect yourself and your business by having your calls recorded. Download all of them or just the ones you want to keep. These recordings can then be burned onto a compact disk for future reference.

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Lead Management

Need to look at a contact again? No problem, Hosted Dialer keeps track of all calls made and allows you to easily find someone that you just talked to so you can view or change information whenever you need to.

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Monitor Agents Live

Listen in live on your agents and see exactly how they are doing. Use our whisper features to train your agents and use our barge in feature to save the day.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

organe_smallNo hardware cost

organe_smallNo set up or activation fees

organe_smallNo contract required


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We’re Ready to Help

When you call Hosted Dialer, you don’t have to fight to speak to someone who can solve your problem. Direct, immediate access to your support team to solve any issue.

Start using the perfect dialer for professional services!