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Customize the Predictive Dialer


Match Your Fields

Whether you already have the data or are in the process of collecting it, you want to make sure that it is accurate. This is possible with a Predictive Dialer from Hosted Dialer because you can customize the predictive dialer your way you can upload all the data that you currently have on your leads, no matter how much data you have.

You can literally match the fields that are in your spreadsheet with your Predictive Dialer database fields. If you don’t want your agents to be able to see all of the data, you can upload it and remove it from their view, but the data is still there for you to look at when you need to.

Set up a Survey

Not only can you match your fields, you can leave some blank so that when you collect the data from your lead, you can enter it into the Predictive Dialer. You can then run reports and export that data.

Some of our clients also customize the predictive dialer by setting up email templates that place the collected data into an email and they then can send it to you, or anyone else that needs it, from within the Predictive Dialer itself.


Customize the predictive dialer

Customize the predictive dialer your way, today!