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Merchant Services

Merchant Services

The merchant services industry offers programs and services to many of the industries that Hosted Dialer provides services to, so we understand how competitive the market is.

When you are doing business to business sales, offering merchant services, there may be times when you reach an automated voice response system that predictive dialers are not able to maneuver through. That’s why Hosted Dialer has a way for your agents to navigate through these systems using their touch pad and/or voice.


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easy reports

Easy Reports

See whats happening in your campaigns anytime. See which campaign is more effective, how many leads you have reached, which leads you need to call back and more.

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navigate easily

Navigate Easily

Finding your way through an IVR (Inbound Voice Response) system is as easy, if you are using a softphone, simply press the keys on your keyboard, if you are using our dial in method, use the keys on your phone.

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view previous calls

View Previous Calls

Need to look at a contact again? No problem, Hosted Dialer keeps track of all calls made and allows you to easily find someone that you just talked to so you can view or change information whenever you need to.

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send an email

Send an Email

Life is too short to spend all our time on the little things. Shoot over an email when the need arises. Personalize it to make it your own.

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