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Debt Settlement

You have to be quick and accurate to survive in the debt settlement industry and Hosted Dialer has just the tools to aim you in the right direction and thrust you forward.

The debt settlement industry could benefit from features that allow you to leave database fiends blank so that when you come to a payment arraignment, you can type it into the predictive dialer. You can then run reports and export that data.

Not only can a predictive dialer help by connecting you to live answers immediately, but an auto dialer can contact thousands of people every minute to remind them of their payments.


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Simple Callbacks

Need to call them back to follow up? Go ahead, you can not only select the date, but also the time. The Predictive Dialer will remind you so you don’t forget.

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Custom Fields

To make things easier, create a status that fits your personal business. If you just sold a cake, let your dialer know. Select “send them a cake” at the end of a call.

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Record Everything

Protect yourself and your business by having your calls recorded. Download all of them or just the ones you want to keep. These recordings can then be burned onto a compact disk for future reference.

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Monitor Agents Live

Listen in live on your agents and see exactly how they are doing. Use our whisper features to train your agents and use our barge in feature to save the day.

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Simple, Affordable Pricing

organe_smallNo hardware cost

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We’re Ready to Help

When you call Hosted Dialer, you don’t have to fight to speak to someone who can solve your problem. Direct, immediate access to your support team to solve any issue.

Start using the perfect dialer for debt settlement!