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Predictive Dialer Call Monitoring


See What’s Happening Now

If you’re the administrator, you can see exactly what is going on live using our predictive dialer call monitoring tool. You can see who is logged in, who is on a call, how long they have been on a call, and even if they are away from their desk at the moment. It doesn’t matter where your agents are, since they can log in from anywhere, and this means that you can monitor them from anywhere.

Stop, Look & Listen

Seeing what everyone is doing is one thing, but listening in on them is another.
However, with our predictive dialer call monitoring tool, you can listen in on the calls that are being made live, and no one can tell. On top of that, you can talk to your agents if you want and your lead won’t hear you. Now you can make sure that they are closing the deal, or if you need to, barge in and take over the call completely.


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