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No Worries

From time to time, your contact may accidentally hang up on you, or you may have forgotten to ask just one more question.

Calling someone back right away might be difficult with some Predictive Dialers, but ours makes it easy.

You can view recent calls whenever you want since every record of every call is kept in your dialer’s database, you can simply look through your recent call history, find the contact and call them back right away.

Stay Organized

Not only can you view recent calls to save the day, you can use this as a tool to stay organized.  Since your recent calls are arranged in a way that allows you to view the calls at a glance and with all the information you need.

See what the date and time of the call was, the contacts phone number, how long the call lasted and even what campaign they were called from.

Need more information? Then view the contact as the agent did. Now you can read the notes, see how it was dispositioned, or check if any emails or voicemails were sent.

View Recent Calls immediately


Aren’t you ready to view recent calls too?